The Family Survival System Scam or the Real Deal?

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Hollywood makes millions of dollars creating terrifying and thrilling movies about the things normal people fear could happen to them. These movies not only make these horrible situations seem glamorous and even sometimes preposterous, it creates the misconception that we will either die horribly or step out as an amazingly heroic person. The truth is, when something terrible happens, the people who survive it rarely feel like a hero and everyone feels that being prepared would have made an enormous difference. The Family Survival System is exactly what normal people need to help them and their families prepare for any kind of disaster.

The Family Survival System was written by former member of the United States Armed Forces, Frank Mitchell. He knows from experience what exactly is supposed to happen in a disaster, he knows all the ways to prepare yourself and your family for any catastrophic situation, and in this book he shares all his knowledge and know-how with his readers.

Many people die in disasters, many people survive. Even though many casualties are caused by the element of surprise, many are also caused by lack of knowledge. The aim of this book is to teach ordinary people how to react and survive when ‘the worst case scenario’ has happened to them. 

According to many reviews of the book that can be found on the internet; the Family Survival System is definitely worth investing your time and money in. The book is praised by many as the “go to” book for learning to be prepared for disaster.

There has been some discussion on whether or not this book is a guide or a written system. Several “Family Survival Course Reviews” can be found on the internet and many refer to this book as the “Family Survival Course”.

But instead of focusing on what to call the book, it should be considered that the information is still invaluable and the name does not change the advice or guidelines.

Inside The Family Survival System

The information that is shared in the Family Survival System is based on professional experience and knowledge, therefore the information learned here is of real use. Many disaster pamphlets (and even some books) focus on one disaster scenario and only gives information that most of us already know. You can rest assured that if you follow the advice in the Family Survival System, you and your family’s chances of surviving a dreadful situation will be increased exponentially. The contents of this book are not narrowed down to one scenario or disaster, many situations and catastrophes/practical solutions are discussed.

As mentioned before, Frank Mitchell has come up with several sections that describe the different things that a person should know and things to do in different situations. That is something that puts this book a notch above the rest. This book deals with the different types of disasters that could strike and educates on the many ways to survive them.

Some of the sections that can be found in the Family Survival System are as follows, but in no specific or important order:

  • Food – Keeping It, Gathering It, Cooking It

This section educates the reader on various food topics, like how to stock up on the right food and how to prepare what you have if your food stock is limited. This can be important if a disaster has caused electricity problems.

  • Makeup of Your Household and How it Impacts Your Preps?

This section concentrates on the tools that will help you evaluate and take charge of your unique situation.

  • Top 10 Understanding List

This section teaches about the particular areas of skill that need to be mastered and also points out different sources for more information, if needed.

  • Beginning with Prepping

This section tells you how to successfully incorporate the skills and knowledge you have acquired to ensure survival.

  • Threats We Face in America Today

This section informs you on the diverse kinds of dangers and threats a normal citizen can expect to face. You might be lucky and never face any of the mentioned threats, or you could be lucky and survive any threat because you read this book.

  • Leading 3 Abilities for the SurvivalistPrepper checklist

This section gives information about three abilities that will be incredibly useful in case of emergency and disaster.

  • House Defence for the Prepper Household

This is a very important and useful section as it deals with how to improve your home security as well as how to deal with trespassers. It also gives information on how to build barricades if there is a need for it.

  • Prepper Triangle

This section covers abilities, understanding and gear, three things that are vital for the survival of any kind of disaster.

  • Bugging Out vs. Badgering In

This section discusses your options for when disaster strikes and you and your family might need to leave your house. It gives important information for the steps that should be taken, even if you have the option to stay put.

  • Begin Little, Do It Now

This is the last section of the system and discusses the significance of following the guidelines of the system correctly. This section explains how everything in the book comes together to ensure the safety of the reader and their family.

The Family Survival System pdf was written by an ex-Allied Force man, but by no means does that mean ordinary people won’t be able to understand it. The book was written in such a way that it is easy to comprehend. The system and advice given in this book is very detailed, but not hard to follow. The fact that it is so detailed just adds to the sense of security you will have after reading through it.

Frank Mitchell has so much confidence in his Family Survival System pdf that the book comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Mitchell believes that anyone who buys the book will learn priceless lessons and will be satisfied and prepared for anything.

The Frank Mitchell Family Survival System does not use pointless and irrelevant information in order to fill up more pages and look impressively large. The book simply gives the necessary information and recommendations in an orderly and factual manner that will be appreciated by everyone.

At the moment this book is not available in hard copy, but that might change in the future. For now, anyone interested in the information shared by Frank Mitchell will find the book available immediately at one of the links of this page.

The Family Survival System will be a priceless investment for anyone who:

  • Wants a user-friendly, informative and good book on survival
  • Wants to be sure the author believes in his own product
  • Wants to be sure that their family will also benefit from the advice
  • Doesn’t want generic advice and tips
  • Wants sensible and applicable advice

Final Words on The Family Survival System

Although there have been somewhat negative comments on this book, the fact remains that the knowledge that is shared is very important and useful. Some people feel that a book like this can cause unnecessary and chaotic panic amongst people, while others feel that a book like this is exactly what is needed ‘just in case’. Many people feel that books like this, in general, create a sense of dread and nervousness in people. Nevertheless, it could also be argued that books and guides like this prepare people in a way that movies never could.

The fact of the matter is that a book with information like this could possibly save a life in an emergency. If the Family Survival System guidelines and information are learned and followed, the number of casualties as well as erratic and panicky reactions can be reduced drastically. The pressure and demand placed on emergency personnel will also be changed in a positive way if the citizens know what to do in bad situations. It is a fact that knowing something and experiencing it is two different things, but being prepared can “soften the blow” for many people.  If you have found the information in this Family Survival System Review helpful then you may want to click on one of the links on this page to bring you to the Official Frank Mitchell Survival website.